Upward Spiral Studios is based in the high desert state of Utah. They say up here the air is thin, but we say it’s filled with the toxic fumes of inspiration… or something. In truth, we take creating and supporting our games seriously and would absolutely love to hear from you.


Contact us for any support questions. Also, if your child accidentally purchased something for real money in our games and you want a refund, you need to contact Apple. Unfortunately we are not able to refund charges. If you need any help from us directly, please email us at upwardspiralstudios (at) gmail (dot) com**


For all other request including game ideas, comments, questions or feature request, you may also email us at upwardspiralstudios (at) gmail (dot) com**
You can also write us a letter if you remember how, but please don’t use that chicken scratch style handwriting. We’re trying to learn, but we don’t speak chicken… yet.
368 E 100 N
Provo, UT 84606
**Replace the (at) and (dot) with appropriate characters, y’know the drill.

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